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17 Practical Tips to Help You Practice Mindfulness

Simple, realistic, and attainable lifestyle practices you can incorporate into your daily life, no matter how busy your schedule may be.

In my latest piece for New Jersey Digest, I'm sharing 17 Practical Tips to Help You Practice Mindfulness. These are attainable and simple habits that I incorporate into my daily life which have aided exponentially in reducing anxiety, stress, and the overall pressures of a very busy daily routine. I dive into the magic behind practices like a hot shower with calming music, journaling and to do lists, the energy provided by a little fresh air and natural light, working to create boundaries and compartmentalize your day, burning sage, and creating the perf cozy environment for you. There is even some reflection on staying up late and drinking that much desired glass of wine. I encourage you to feel liberated in knowing that there is no one right way to be mindful. Real, authentic self-discovery and balance begins and thrives when you pave your own way and navigate your own journey. Where should you begin? Well, these 17 Practical Tips to Help You Practice Mindfulness could be a great start. Check 'em out!

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