Hola friends! I’m Christine, a lifestyle-focused creative who is all about pursuing my passions, keeping it real, inspiring good vibes, and making gratitude my attitude. My mission is to live mindfully and authentically, while aiming to help and inspire others to do the same. A wife to the best guy and a mama to the sweetest girl first and foremost (get to know us @threebirdsonestove!), I’m a creative multi-hyphenate through and through. Who am I and what do I do, you ask? Ay dios mio. I am a...


Home Cook. Writer. Recipe Developer. Batch Cooking & Food Prep Pro.

Photographer. Rebel Baker. Homemaker. Small Businesses Owner. Content Creator.

Food Media & Influencer Marketing Chick. Tie Dye Arteest (@besitotiedye).


Crafting Queen. Travel & Culture Addict. Photo Album Enthusiast.


Empath. Lifestyle, Spirit, Wellness Junkie. Ambivert. Artistic & Entrepreneurial Soul.


TBH, the list probably isn’t done growing...


But it comes down to this: working hard at pursuing what I love, living mindfully and authentically, and inspiring  and connecting with others by creating a vibe of love and light through what I share. You'll sense this especially through my recipes, because I truly believe that food heals and comforts, cooking is art, and coming together for a meal can unify, bond, and soothe the heart and soul.


I only began hearing the term “multi-hyphenate” in the last couple of years, and it speaks to my soul. I typically loathe labels, but I'm connected to this one. I’ve grown to become committed to it on a heart and soul-fueled level. For pretty much my entire professional life - I’ve gone through periods of frustration, feeling lost, even shameful at times, about not being able to define the one thing I want to do. In fact, until pretty recently (and sometimes still) I felt a great deal of discomfort around the question, “So Christine, what do you do?” If you asked me this, I honestly wouldn't know how to answer, stumbling upon my words and becoming sort of flustered and uncomfortable. You’re supposed to fit in a certain box and have one answer pinned down by a certain point in your life, right?? Wrong - - it’s not for everyone. It’s not for me.


I’m learning to love and embrace the fact that I'm a multi-hyphenate and a creative, and that I’m not the type of person who will really be happy doing only one thing. This realization has been freeing, motivating, and invigorating. Do I know where it will take me? No. Does that bug me out? Yes. Would I be truly happy any other way? Probably not. I'm present, and I'm going for it.


It took a really long time to stop fighting who I am and start learning how to embrace it, feel proud of it, and use it as my greatest tool. Funny thing is, as bumpy as my path has felt at times, I don’t think I’d change a thing. It’s an interesting, winding road with many different avenues. But they always lead to the same central location: lifestyle, positivity, my Grind & Grattitude.


It’s never too late to start living your truth by embracing who you really are and what you want out of this one precious life. Whatever element speaks to you here, I invite you all to hop on, feel inspired, connected, and hungry, and enjoy this beautiful ride with me…