Christine Fiorentino

About Me

Hola friends! I’m Christine Fiorentino, a creative who is all about family, food, lifestyle, and manifesting all those good vibes. For me, gratitude is the attitude. I'm a wife to the best guy and mama to the sweetest girl. Get to know us @threebirdsonestove!  I'm also a total multi-hyphenate...


Home Cook. Writer. Recipe Developer. Batch Cooking & Food Prep Pro.

Photographer. Food Stylist. Rebel Baker. Homemaker.

Content Creator. Experiential Food Media Consultant.


Empath. Reiki Practitioner. Lifestyle, Spirit, Wellness Junkie. Ambivert.

Travel & Culture Addict. Photo Album Enthusiast.


Artistic & Entrepreneurial Soul

& as I grow, so will the list...

I'm a lifelong home cook. You will almost always find me in my cozy city kitchen, where I'm very serious about having endless fun. I absolutely love creating and sharing feel good recipes that nourish the appetite, heart, and soul, and I'm always hungry to learn more. My style of cooking is wholesome comfort food with a farm to table approach. I believe that food heals and comforts, cooking is art, and that coming together for a meal can unify, bond, and soothe the heart and soul. I want my food to feel like a big warm and welcoming hug.


My professional journey has been a wild ride. I switched careers at 32 years old, leaving behind a decade-long career in teaching to pursue my love and passion for food media. I went from being an established educator to a 32-year-old pregnant intern. I used to feel uneasy about my story, but as I learn and grow I've realized that I love it so much and it makes me really proud! I've discovered that I'm most comfortable not fitting in one certain box. My career now brings me constant joy, and what's better than loving what you do every single day?


I'm proof that manifestation can play an empowering role in your life if you welcome it. I'm present, I'm going for it, and maybe I'll inspire others to do the same. It’s never too late to harness your truth by by embracing who you really are and what you want out of this precious life. I invite you to feel connected, supported, and welcome in this space, and to get hungry about enjoying delicious food, and this beautiful ride called life.